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H&S Manager

Thank you for visiting H&S Manager demonstration site. Please read the TERMS & CONDITIONS of this website carefully as any use of the website by any visitor constitutes acceptance of the TERMS & CONDITIONS set out below. After you click the button on the bottom of this page, you can log in

Manager Site with username: guest, password: hsmanager

Workforce Site with username: guest-w, password: hsmanager-w to create/view/update forms.

There is only one login page. You will be directed to the desired site.


Since this is a demonstration site, there are some restrictions for the functionality. The data you input will be saved for a day and deleted. If you wish to save your data for more than a day, please email us at info@hsmanager.net.

Do not input any data that will fall into any of the following categories.

• Copyright or trademark infringement
• Threats of violence against another person
• Child pornography
• Obscenity
• Child exploitation
• Spam
• Impersonation or misuse of another’s identity
• Court-ordered removal
• Malware/Viruses
• Confidential information (bank account number, and credit card number and etc.)
• Cyber bullying
• Otherwise illegal material
• Anything contrary to public order or morality

NOTE: Please be aware that WHS PARAMOUNTrecords your IP address and should you violate any of the above conditions then the relevant authorities or bodies will be notified of such breaches.

NOTE: Please contact us at report_violation@hsmanager.net if you encounter any activities violating any of the above conditions or anything contrary to public order and morality.

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